Band Together

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At the seventh generation the Obert farm is sold.  The new owners care little for the buildings.  It is the land they want.  After years of neglect the old dairy barn is sentenced to a humiliating end.  It is to be bulldozed and burned.

It is saved from the funeral pyre when Charlie Obert's grandson dismantles it and moves it 350 miles away.  It is now his family's house.

Shot on the campus of Washington College in Chestertown, MD, this film spends a season with the overlooked athletes in Division III - specifically the men's basketball program. These student athletes are not going to turn pro, they don't get on tv, nor do they receive scholarship money to play.  They run, and sweat, and hear it from their coach because the love it.  

They get banged up, they roll ankles; one guy even looses his front teeth.  Some of the guys do this for four years yet rarely get put in a game.  They would have it no other way.

Upon graduation they leave college with a diploma and enough memories to fill an arena.

We Are D3

From the Eastern Shore of Maryland comes "Band Together" the story of a volunteer community marching band. 
​During the week find the drum major working in the court house, the banner ladies cleaning houses, or the trombone player delivering fuel oil. They're all here - every day people who do every day things. Come the weekend however they are entertainers.They march through rain, pain, and tragedy. When winter comes they take a month off then begin practice all over again. The parade never stops.

Charlie Obert's Barn