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How it works.

Documentaries are available for rent or purchase.  

Each rental lasts one week.  Watch as many times as you like on any device you choose.  The cost of each rental is five dollars.

Movies can also be purchased for download.  That way you own it.  If you have issues with streaming this may be the way to go.   The cost for each download is fifteen dollars.  (Polite members of society would never make copies of downloads and pass them along.  They would however encourage all creation to make a purchase )  The shorter pieces are free.


 All video plays through Vimeo.   The "Link to video" button will send you off to the Vimeo page.  Rent or purchase selections are made there.  

Hitting the F key will play video full screen.

Here are some tips on getting things to play smoothly if you rent. 

Close all other open tabs.

Let it load.  The player can over run the gizmo that allows the video to load so give it a head start. 

Thanks for stopping by,

Kurt Kolaja